Full Service Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS).


Don't be fooled by the drone hobbyist.  More than just drone enthusiasts, Skyport Drones were pioneers, being one of the first companies to obtain our FAA Part 107 Commercial Remote Pilots License in the Southeast.  At Skyport Drones we are  knowledgeable experienced pilots offering a wide variety of aerial services that span multiple industries.





Just a few of our services


From rapid response to aide in disaster, to precision mapping of your land or property, to beautiful 4K cinematography for your video project, Skyport Drones is equipped and well suited to assist to you in a number of different ways.  Drop us a line today to see how we can help you!



Mapping & Surveying 

Precision mapping

Using drones equipped with high powered sensors, Skyport Drones can capture, aggregate and generate a full set of deliverables for your project to include, high resolution 2-D Orthomosaics, elevation models, and 3-D models. In addition to being higher resolution, they also are up to date and accurate up to 2cm.

Disaster Relief

Rapid Response& Deployment

In times of disaster, whether that be fire, flood, or other natural disasters, time is valuable.  Having remote pilots in place who have the necessary permits, can respond, deploy the aircraft, and collect the necessary information all while being familiar with safety protocol is paramount. Let Skyport Drones help.


UAV Trainings

get certified or trained on uav protocol

Are you looking to get your Part 107 Commercial Remotes Pilots License, looking to implement your own drone department into your existing company, or just want an introduction to the world of drones? Skyport Drones can assist.


breathtaking visuals

Whether you're looking to highlight the features and amenities of a given property, provide an aerial tour for your golf course, add stunning aerial cinematographic visuals for your project or just need to beef up your marketing campaign, Skyport Drones can help you with our eye-popping aerial imagery services.


We get it, drones are hot right now, and with that comes a lot of imitators. With so many "drone companies" popping up it's hard to figure out who to go with.  With Skyport Drones you can take comfort in knowing that not only do we have all the necessary certifications, but we are also licensed and insured.  In addition, we have the great fortune of having several unique partnerships that can be drawn on as needed.  Lastly, our pilots have "been there and done that" and possess real world experience in several different disciplines.  Below are just a few of the advantages of working with Skyport Drones.



Our UAV pilots are FAA certified, licensed and legally able to operate commercially. while being licensed alone does not make one an expert you can take comfort in knowing we work under the guidelines and confines of the FAA.


As with most things we've found there is no substitute for experience. At Skyport Drones our licensed pilots have put in the necessary airtime to ensure complete command of the remote aircraft. Collectively we've logged several hundred flying hours so you can feel confident that your mission will be flown safely.


While an accident is unlikely, take comfort in knowing Skyport Drones is insured for liability so that you can spend more time concentrating on the details of your project and less time worrying about an untimely accident.


The rules governing drones Are constantly expanding and changing, we take pride in being current with the latest regulations. Safety is of the utmost importance to us and while we always aim to please, making sure that we operate safely and are compliant within the rules of the FAA is always our first priority.